BTEC Ecosystem
20% of the total project revenue will go to Scholar Matching. 50% of the platform earnings goes to the operator and the remaining 50% (henceforth, we will refer this 50% as "revenue") will be used to purchase BTECs and will be distributed as follows:
Liquidity Pool (BTEC 30%: BNB 30%)
BTEC Finance
Contribution Pool
Donation Pool
60% of the revenue will be stored in the Liquidity pool in the PancakeSwap as BTEC x BNB pairs (30% each). The liquidity pool (LP) is a mechanism to guarantee the liquidity of the currency. It is known as one of the mechanisms behind the AMM (automated market maker) system used by DEX (decentralized exchange).
DeFi is a generic term for a decentralized financial system that does not require centralized management.
28% of the revenue will be used for staking rewards in BTEC FINANCE.
10% of the revenue is transferred to the Contribution Pool, a unique BTEC mechanism that rewards scholars for their contributions to the project. The BTEC pool is used to reward scholars for their efforts in training other scholars and providing expertise.
The Donation Pool is a mechanism to support social contribution activities undertaken by BTEC projects. 2% of the BTEC revenue is transferred to the Donation Pool, which is ultimately donated to help alleviate poverty and inequality. Donation recipients will be determined through consultation with BTEC holders.
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